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Selling my majestic xxxx Ford Mustang GT Convertible Deluxe. It's hard to believe she's 12 years old when you look at her, and even harder to believe once you drive her around. When I purchased this car it was already in great condition, but I've put money and sweat into making it even better. Comparable Mustang are priced at $xxxx and up, so this is a deal. Here's a short list of the goodies.- New Tires- New Smoked Headlights- New Duralast Battery- Stored in Attached Garage Over Winter- Chrome Rims- Black Rear Lettering- Only 109k Miles, so it will last a long while- Beastly V8 Engine- Automatic Transmission- Cloth Seats (which are more comfortable and in way better shape than any leather seats this age)- Top in Good Working Condition- No Leaks (top or bottom)- Good Brakes- Always Hand Washed By Myself- Never Been in Any Kind of AccidentThe only issues that the car has are a couple barely noticeable cosmetic defects, and the speaker in the right door sometimes gets fuzzy. If you care about that, then it'll only cost you $30 to buy the part.This muscle car really turns heads, and can be appreciated by people of all ages. I'll never forget the time when a 7 or 8-year-old girl rolled down her window to tell me she thought my car was pretty. This car has been meticulously taken care of and deserves a good new owner. If you would like to make an offer or would like to stop by to check it out, then give me a call. Summer is here and you deserve to enjoy it cruising around with the top down!(810) 728-xxxx- Evan